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I want to take an exciting new step forward!
I want to challenge myself on the world stage!
Short-term overseas programs for people like you!


A Place to Challenge Yourself

The concept of Tigermov School is "a place where everyone can challenge themselves in their own way.
Can you say from the bottom of your heart that you are living a life that is uniquely yours?
"Can you say from the bottom of your heart that you are living your own life?

"Can you say that you are challenging yourself to do so?"

 We have traveled around the world and seen many social issues, technological advances, and the aftermath of globalization.
We have seen farmers who cannot send their children to school because climate change has made it difficult to farm as before.
Refugees who have fled civil wars and abandoned their passports in exile in other countries.
A girl who lives in a slum and aspires to become a doctor.
A technology that allows people to manage their deposits with their smart phones to reduce crime
A Japanese technology that provides access to sanitary water in a desert area suffering from water shortages
Agri-tech and food tech to solve food problems.
Health tech that lights a fire of hope for young people who have lost limbs in wars and civil wars.
Health tech, which will light a fire of hope for young people who have lost limbs in wars and civil wars, and the list is endless.
Standing on the edge of the world, your perspective, viewpoint, and vision will change dramatically. We believe that the world you can see from these places will surely shake your hearts and minds.
That is why there are so many opportunities to go to places that you would not normally go on an overseas trip or school excursion.
If traveling abroad is a "safe and secure hobby," then Tigermov School is a "personal challenge.

The word "challenge" may sound like a high hurdle, but Tigermov School does not require you to speak English, have no overseas experience, or have any familiarity with the subject matter.

 What we definitely want you to have is the desire to challenge yourself.
We have put a lot of thought and time into making this school a turning point in your life.

We will do our best to support you in taking on this challenge so that you will come back home with greater results than you had expected when you first entered the program and that you will be able to grasp the experience with your own hands.

 If you have any difficulties in the field, Tigermov staff will be there for you and support you to accelerate your challenge with our coaching skills.

We want to see a world full of challengers!

In other countries, you will be exposed to many differences and surprising connections. Helping each other, love, gratitude, respect, smiles, anger, sadness... You will encounter many emotions and scenes.

 Through these encounters, you will realize what we have lost because we value safety and security so much. Then, our true feelings and cherished values will be evoked, and we will gain a compass for our lives.

 I am sure that when you arrive in Japan, your daily scenery will change completely.
And you will be able to live a life that is uniquely yours, a beautiful life where every day is more fun and full of challenges.

 Why am I trying so hard to do that?
I believe that if we can increase the number of such people, the number of conflicts and what we call social problems will decrease in the world.
Each person in this world has a role to play. There is definitely something that you can think, "This is it! There is definitely something that you can think of. This is a chance for you to meet such opportunities.

 To live your life in your own way, you need to bring back the challenge to your daily life.
To get it back, you will go out on a slightly scary but exciting adventure.

That's what Tigermov School is all about.


It sounds like fun, and I want to try it!


We will deliver opportunities to meet and challenge the world that will excite you and make you feel excited.


Let's take the first step toward your own unique challenge on the world stage!

Program Outline

Program Period

Spring and summer vacations and other long vacations

Implementation period

Approximately 3 months from pre-study to post-study, including 1 to 2 weeks of on-site travel.

Implementation format

Pre-study: Online

Travel to the site

Post-study: online

Participation Method

Individual Registration

English Proficiency

English proficiency is not required. However, a willingness to be challenged in English is required.

Crisis Management System

24 hours/365 days support system

For more information, including measures against new coronavirus infection, please click here.


Program fees are around 200,000 yen. Other expenses during the trip will vary depending on local prices, exchange rates, and fuel surcharges.


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